On a slope

This project for a Factory Outlet Centre located in Europarque Portugal contains 25.000 m² of shopping and catering. It has been shaped in a striking landscape setting with a 20 metres difference in height. The building cuts into the hill at the high end and protrudes boldly at the acute corner. Here the triangular building opens up with an impressive view over the valley with the brook that runs through the middle of Europarque.

The complex shows as a modern and at the same time traditional image: a white town both fabulous and mysterious. The inner world has several characteristics: the basic theme is a plastered elevation with additions of tiles and colour. The northern area gets special attention with natural stone and the southern point that rises out over the landscape will be of lighter materials, timber, glass and steel. Shadow and light variations create an intimate and cosy mysterious atmosphere.

Opdrachtgever: Forum Invest