KoBo floating home

To resist the heavy currents and backwash of ships passing by, the KoBo floating home has an extra wide body that amounts to great stability and living comfort. Together with the heavy anchor poles the building copes sturdy with the local water conditions. A trait that is expressed in its robust architecture.

The house has an inverted pitched roof shape. The far end side, visible from the quay, is covered with vegetation. The other side has a perfect angle for the solar panels on top of it, and keeping them out of sight at the same time. Inside the roof shape supports the long line of sight to the water that opens right at the front door. The pitched roof, the lowered floor of the living room, and the even lower terrace strengthen the experience of water inside.

A heat pump together with the solar panels make the building into a zero energy house. The materials used, and the dismountable construction make it even more sustainable.